I haven't been making enough tunes.

I need tune-making to be fun. Electrohouse seems to be demented and hilarious at the moment, so let's have a go at organising my laptop to make a few electrohouse tunes.

And to help me not immediately forget what I've learnt on the way, let's record the process in a diary.

11th April 2011

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Chris Walton's oversampling VST wrapper →

How catchy is that as a post title? All your girlfriend am belong to me, because I’m so obviously (a) a total bad man, and (b) unflappably motherfucking iceĀ cool.

Anyway: been having an ongoing, very gentlemanly debate with a friend of mine about what sample rate to run our DAWs at. He’s into 88kHz, whereas I can’t be arsed, taking a subconscious decision to pretend sample rate makes no difference once the Nyquist frequency’s above the frequency limit of human hearing (see? Fucking bad man).

But it turns out that aliasing artefacts can make a difference to your sound.

But I still can’t really be arsed to run my DAW at 88 - because I know I can write a tune at 44 without too much faffing around with track freezing etc, and a big part of the reason for trying to get my setup organised is to cut out as much faff as possible in the future.

I’m gangsta! I’m fucking hench!

So anyway, assuming most of my plugins at least have band-limited oscillators (hench!), I’m wondering about doing a little bit of oversampling on key plugins: important filters, distortions and so on.

And this VST utility by Chris Walton seems to offer that: I can create new versions of his plugin that effectively wrap chosen VSTs of mine in an over-sampling shell.


Except I don’t think I fancy wrapping the whole of Reaktor just to achieve oversampling of a couple of filter/saturator modules…

So… I think I’ll grab the Chris Walton plug, but put oversampling on the back-burner until I’m rocking sufficiently to have time to play with it.

Yes. That’s the most brutally aggressive mad shit approach I can think of.

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